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Drinking regime



The body of an adult person consists of 50% to 60% of its weight from water. The metabolically especial active tissue has a higher percentage of water which is for example 70%.

That is why in the fitness style of  Obrazek  we recommend a higher intake of fluids than the non sporting people. The feeling of thirst is an alarming state of the organism which is created by big losses of fluids!

It is important that we consume fluids during the whole day in the amount of 2dcl in one dose. Trying to catch up the deficit before the training or during it is not that important. The total consume of fluids shouldn’t be less than 2-3 litres a day. In hot days and during heavy work should the intake of fluids be higher.


We don’t drink pure water as it doesn’t give the body the minerals it needs. A too concentrated drink is also not suitable as the body has to thin it himself. This equals to an even deeper dehydration and a slowed absorbance. The training unit doesn’t take longer than one hour during conditional fitness and that is also why the replenishing of fluids during the training isn’t necessary. The exceptions however are intensive training (cycling, running on a conveyer and similar) at the very end of the training. That is when ion drinks are at place, however too sweet or concentrated dinks are not. Too cold, iced drinks and drinks containing too much gas should be evaded. Ideal are mildly mineralized waters, teas (herb and fruit) and juices. However it is necessary to thin these drinks at least in 1:1 relation because of the big concentration.


Coffee – its effect is higher the less we drink it – no addiction should be created.  

Alcohol – as a cell poison the body has to dispose of it in first place using the liver and through that it blocs the detoxincation of exhalations created by the metabolism (milk acid). This equals in a slowed regeneration (12 grade beer blocks the liver for 2 hours).

(Smejkal, Rudzinskyj, 1999)