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A team is like a chain. Every link must be as strong as the other. That is why we are creating a team of people who have not only the required education but are also communicative, friendly, can influence others with their enthusiasm and good mood. Boys for boys,

Here we are : )  

section FITNESS 

Obrazekname : Peter Mesároš

function : Personal trainer ( conditional bodybuilding)

                Instructor of Fitness

                Founder of RSF, author and administrator of the web pages.

age : 22 

Professional education : “Petr Stach´s school for trainers”


Place of residence and  establishment:  Praha 

Start and why actually fitness: 

I have started with training in a fit center in the year 2000 under the supervision of a professionally educated, longtime coach from the “Svaz sportovních klubů Slávia v Nitře” – body builders club under the superintendence of  Ing. Gustav Bučka.

I took part on the Championship of Bodybuilding of the CR for juniors in the year 2005 and finished 7. But even so I could never feel of felt as a bodybuilder but fitness has always been nearer to me.

Why fitness?

Movement makes me happy and despite other sports it is also a life style. Not to forget body shaping and health. 

That is why I have decided to combine pleasure with useful to create   

other interests:

Except fitness I also like swimming and riding the mountain bike. I don’t have much of a free time but if I am not in school or with you in the fit centre then I like to go to the cinema or between people, into a Cafe or to the disco. I am spending most of my time together with my boyfriend.

current career:  student of Charles University - Faculty of Arts 

                         Middle Europe studies

contact :  /clanky/contacts

section  AEROBIC

Obrazekname : Jaroslav Vobr 

function : Instructor of aerobic FISAF  I. grade

                 Instructor of fitness FISAF  I. grade

age : 25 

professional education : Český svaz aerobiku - akreditované zařízení MŠMT ČR 

Place of residence and  establishmentPrague

Start and why actually AE ( aerobic )  :

I have started with AE a year and a half ago. What I especially love about AE is the collectivity and the carry away atmosphere. What brings the people together is every single training person doing the same choreography. Choreography for beginners and for advanced ones. Everyone can choose what fits him most. The most important thing is the smile and joy from movement.

other interests: 

I like to spend my time with my boyfriend, my friends , chatting and sport trends in sport clothes for aerobic Except AE is swimming relax, computers, WWW technology (PHP, JavaScript, CSS and others) and programming.

current career :  student on the ČVUT – electro technical faculty -

                         Department of telecommunication and technology.

contact :  /clanky/contacts