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Regeneration and rest

ObrazekRegeneration is the replenishing of vigour. This is a biological process that rejuvenates your temporary decrease of performance. During muscle training it comes to overloading of muscle tissue and that is why the right regeneration of this tissue is so important. For us is the so called recovery time – time that it takes to train again, most crucial. It is influenced by the age, size of trained muscle part (by smaller parts the time is shorter), muscle type, actual psychical and physical state and so on.

According to the muscle part, the recovery time for smaller sections is 36 hours - 1 and a half day. For bigger muscle sections it is about 48 hours - 2 days.

The recovery time can be influenced by regeneration procedures, psychological approach, length of sleep, intake of saccharin’s, the total consistence of ones meals and so on


Natural regeneration

Sleep - we have to keep to the recommended duration which is 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. However the need for sleep depends on many other factors as age, employment, health state and others. Discontinuous sleep isn’t as valuable as undisturbed sleep. The important process of regeneration takes place during the sleep.

Rest – this means rest during the day. It can influence the total state of fatigue. The time when we are least tired should be about at 11 am. and 17 pm. which is the best time to train or do other activities.


Biologically - medical regeneration

ObrazekMassages, baths, swimming, sauna, an adequate life style and drinking regime belong into this category.

After the training in a fit centre are the following very suitable:

bath in a whirl pool – accelerates the regeneration process

massages  – creates a feeling of relaxation, lower the muscular stress, the touch of a masseur can have a soothing effect. At the end of a massage is relaxation and rest.


The sauna is not recommended directly after the training. We recommend the sauna in free days between the training. However it is good for improving the blood circulation, during illnesses of the respiratory system, rheumatic problems and so on. 

Solarium increases the pigmentation, erythematic (skin colour), increases the immunity and physical performance of the organism. Its big disadvantage is that it creates changes in the skin – supporting the aging process.

Pedagogically - psychological 

Compensating training for example against backache, stretching – supplementing sport activities – in line skating, long track skiing, cycling, supplementing activity – dog training, fishing belong into this category.

The psychological aspect is most important with this type of regeneration – each type of character. The length of this process differs strongly: sanguine regenerates very quickly on the contrary a phlegmatic needs a lot more time to recover.

Actual psychical state – the quality of regeneration takes a lot longer if the negative emotions are stronger than the positive emotions.

Life style and drinking regime

This means a rational nutrition, in our case sports nutrition, specialized for aerobic and sports activities, rehydration – drinking regime and remineralization – giving the body its lost minerals (during for example sweating).